For the Healthiest Tan....Start with the Healthiest Skin

  1. MOISTURIZE for a week prior to your spray tan, especially if you have dry skin, to ensure as much of an even tan and no flaking for the longevity of your spray tan!
  2. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 days consecutively up to the day of your spray tan followed with moisturizing. DO NOT use lotions or moisturizers the day of your tan after you have exfoliated. After your first tan, you want to exfoliate well RIGHT BEFORE your next one to keep your prior one lasting and to remove any build up and dead skin cells that are about to come off so your new tan will not shed as well.
  3. Use oil-free products. Baking soda, a lufa or exfoliating mit, and hot bath works great for a good exfoliation.
  4. Exfoliate neck, chest, face, crease of arms, behind knees, and feet WELL.
  5. Wax a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment. DO NOT wax after appointment.
  6. Manicures and pedicures should be done BEFORE your tanning appointment.
  7. Shave 8 hours before or after appointment. Use a clean, sharp razor.
  8. Remove or avoid wearing make-up, deodorant, and moisturizer the day of appointment.
  9. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing post your tanning appointment, anything tight or restricting will cause the solution to rub off. No gym, keep perspiration minimized while the solution is developing as it can cause streaking.
  10. If raining or wet weather, please dress in long loose clothing to protect the solution from getting wet and causing streakiness. Use an umbrella for the day until your first rinse off.
  11. If sleeping overnight with solution, it is recommended to wear long loose clothing to bed to protect the skin from rubbing and solution from moving.


For the Beautiful Long Lasting Tan....Follow a Healthy Skin Regimen

  1. Wait at least 8-10 hours before showering when spray tanned with REGULAR Solution.
  2. Follow the instructions of the tanning artist for EXPRESS Solution for rinse time.. (rinse with WATER ONLY, luke warm, for 30 seconds).
  3. Apply moisturizer morning and evening after your post-tan shower. Avoid moisturizers with AHA as it promotes exfoliation.
  4. REGULAR spray tans can moisturize right after first regular shower, 8 hours. EXPRESS spray tans rinse with WATER ONLY after 1-4hrs. Tan will continually develop until an entire 8+ hours. You can use soap on the SECOND shower after tan has fully developed after 8+ hours. Moisturize after the SECOND shower after tan is fully developed.
  5. Avoid long hot showers and baths, and scrubbing the skin. Pat skin dry after shower. 
  6. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, with oil-free products to keep your tan as long  as possible from fading.
  7. Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs, the sun, and hot showers can cause dryness that can shorten the longevity of your tan.
  8. There is no SPF in our solutions, please make sure you are protected with SPF as well when in the sun!
  9. Try our daily oil-free moisturizers and tanning lotions to extend the life of your tan.